Featured Properties and other listing based advertising solutions

Property Pursuit.com offers four different property listing packages for selling homes and real estate. Basic Listing is a free method to get your listings on PropertyPursuit.com. Property Advantage increases traffic and response with links to your website and methods to contact you. Premier Property Advantage adds branding and listing enhancements to make it stand out from the others. Also get a Profile / All my listings page to increase your presence. Featured Properties are purchased for individual listings and can be targeted by city or by zip codde for the location.

In addition to providing effective Agent Advantge website solutions, Property Pursuit showcases real estate properties and homes for sale from real estate professionals across the United States. Choose from many of the fifty PropertyPursuit.com showcases 166,902 listings including homes for sale, and land, commercial and multi-family real estate properties. Please tell them you found your home on PropertyPursuit.com.